How can I book attendants / Other professionals

Please Give us a call on 9780399399 and speak to our Client Relationship. Post taking all the relevant details from you and understanding all the needs and expectations, they will visit your place and discuss packages and offerings with you.

How experienced are Uranus Home Health Care employees

Each of our employee comes with atleast 2 years of comprehensive experience in their respective fields. Further, during their employment with us, they have to undergo regular assessments under the supervision of their respective HODs.

Can I avail 12 /24 hrs service

Yes, we provide 12 hrs & 24 Hrs service at home for our individual customers. There are both options of stay in and stay out.

Will the attendants stay in my house during the contract period

We have both options available, i.e stay in and stay out. Post the field manager meeting up with the individual customer and their family members, a recommendation will be shared.

Will the attendant / Nurse do my laundry / clean my house

No. The attendants and the Nurses are primarily there to support, care and contribute in the recovery of the individuals under their care. They will not engage in domestic chores as this would divert their attention from their primary objective.

Is it safe for Uranus Home Health Care employees to stay in my house

“Yes, each of our employee undergo a comprehensive background, Police, Medical and knowledge test before being assigned work. These are further conducted every 6 months”.

Will the Physiotherapist and Yoga instructors visit me during weekends and public holidays

Yes, we will schedule their visit to your home, at your convenience

How can I make payments

You can make the payments either directly into our bank account, via cheque or through cash. We would be providing you with receipts for all the payments made.

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